Comcast Cares Day

//Comcast Cares Day

It’s a beautiful, sunny morning at Eleanor Roosevelt Elementary School and thanks to our PTA president, Shelli Heibult and her husband Jason, our building and grounds are also beautiful and shining! Where to begin?

Months ago, Jason and Shelli proposed that they nominate Roosevelt for Comcast Cares Day, an annual event where Comcast gives back to the community. Our school was in competition with other schools and organizations, hoping to be chosen to get their grounds and building spruced up. I remember Shelli saying, “Think big!” Now we get it! A crew of more than 80 Comcast employees along with some Roosevelt parents, students and staff showed up last Saturday morning ready to go to work, and boy did they make our school look great! It positively glows!

Weeding and painting were two of the biggest projects. A dedicated group moved systematically around our beds with shovels, hoes and rakes, and got the beds looking like a gardening magazine. They put in hours of hard work. Then there were crews with paint buckets and brushes who painted new playground games on the asphalt. The bright primary colors make everything look new again, and the kids are so excited. The inside of the school got special treatment too – desks and windows were washed, musical instruments were sanitized and our stage floor was mopped. You could literally walk down the hall and smell how clean everything was!

It was heartwarming to see all the folks who were so generous with their Saturday hours. We hope you enjoy our beautiful school!

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