FAQ on Parking Lot Procedures

//FAQ on Parking Lot Procedures

Frequently Asked Questions on Parking Lot Procedures
(*See page 2 of the Newsletter for details)
1. Why are we changing our system? Over time it has become apparent that our parking lot has not been as safe as it could be. At times cars are double parked with students walking into the driveway to get into vehicles, drivers are jockeying for position as cars leave, and there have even been a few fender benders. The Fire Marshal has been very clear that parking and leaving carsagainst the curb on either side is prohibited, although this has repeatedly happened . We knew we needed a new, safer system.
2. What is the new system and why do we think it will work better? Our plan includes the first four cars only (morning and afternoon) picking up students / dropping off students and heading out, then the next four, and so on. Other elementary schools in our district (Harney and Walnut Grove, for example) have been successfully using this system for some time. The success of this new procedure depends on staff being committed to being out front and teaching parents what to do, and parents following the new plan. We will also get help in the beginning from District Resource Officers.
3. How will we keep all students in one area as they’re picked up? Teachers from each grade level will be in charge of monitoring students who are waiting to meet up with parents at the bicycle racks near our yellow wing. Students will be taught to watch for their cars and inform the teacher in charge when their car is here. Then thestudent will walk to the curb and another staff member will help get the student in the car quickly.
4. What will stop parents from driving back into the turn-around area near the portables and meeting their students there? There will be cones blocking off this old pick-up point and all students will be up front near the bicycle racks.
5. How can I help this process go smoothly? Keep the name-card coming home to you (pink or blue with your student’s and teacher’s name) on the dashboard of whatever cars might be driven to school. You will receive several copies. Please be patient as we work through kinks and get this new system in place. We are told it will take a short while, and then it should run smoothly.

Thanks! ~ Karrie Yank

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