Happy summer

Hope you have been enjoying the sunny days we’re getting here and there! I know I have! My husband and I recently purchased bicycles and we’ve been finding new trails to explore on the nice weekends.

It inevitably seems like time speeds up and just cannot be slowed down when we get to this point of the year. We always have so much more we want to teach our kids and so little time. It can be easy for everything around us to speed up too, including traffic, both in our parking lot and on Falk Road.

Please be intentional about checking your speed as you approach the school. The speed limit in school zones, starting at 7:30 AM and lasting till school is out, is 20 MPH. As one of our staff members said the other day, it seems like you have to be consciously looking at your speedometer to go that slow. But it’s all about safety. You can stop a heck of a lot faster when you’re going 20 than when you’re going 30. We appreciate your patience as our patrol guard in the front, guides our students safely across the street. He does his best to wait for groups before he crosses them, and waits till traffic is at a minimum.

One last thing on safety…. please be intentionally slow and watchful in our parking lot. We want to finish out the year sending off each and every one of our 691 students in good spirits and without so much as a scratch anywhere! Thank you for being our partners in your child’s education!

Karrie Yank

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