Morning Drop-off/Afternoon Pick-up

//Morning Drop-off/Afternoon Pick-up

We are springing into March! We have had our 100th day of school and are finishing up the second trimester of learning. As we move through the school year, we want to remind everyone of Morning Drop-off and Afternoon Pick-Up procedures:

To drop off/pick-up your child(ren) when you are staying in your car, remain in the right lane, move ahead as appropriate until you reach the established loading/ unloading area next to the bike-racks. Please do not drop your children off before reaching this area as it causes congestion in our parking lot and confusion for other families.

If you need to come into the building, please park your car and use the designated cross-walk.

It is important for everyone’s safety that students and families use the designated cross-walk located near the front entrance, especially at the end of the day when there are many cars pulling through the circles to also pick up students. Please do not walk in front of cars without using the cross-walk.

We really appreciate everyone’s effort to keep our parking lot and traffic circle safe for all of our students and families.


Megan Vickery, Principal

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