New Report Card Format

//New Report Card Format

Dear Roosevelt Families,

The few weeks between Thanksgiving and winter break are eventful ones. While we recognize the various, joy-filled and cultural festivities of the season, we also pause and reflect upon our first trimester of growth.

Next Friday, December 9, your child will bring home his/her first report card for the 2016-2017 School Year. If your child has attended Roosevelt or VPS schools previously, you will notice a distinctly different “look” to this year’s card. Our previous format was revised, to better reflect our learning standards, to offer more specificity in our communication of student progress, and to allow ease in managing the information. Printed on letter-sized paper, it will be longer than previous report cards.

The cover page provides a list of developmental traits common to your child’s grade level. It features the attributes of life-long learning skills, critical to student progress. It will capture your child’s scores on our district’s common benchmarking assessment, i-Ready, administered 3 times per year. And because regular attendance is also crucial to learning, your child’s absences, tardies and attendance rate are featured. Please help us maintain our VPS goal of 95% attendance.

Inside, you’ll find progress indicators for your child in reading, math, the sciences, and PE/Arts. Academic indicators are recorded with number values from 1 (Developing) to 4 (Advanced) for the subjects of reading, math and arts concepts. Frequency indicators — identified as Rarely, Sometimes, Often, or Consistently — will show how often a student is demonstrating understanding or application of the learning standards. Please note that narrative comments are now located adjacent to each of the major sections (Lifelong Learning, Reading, Math, etc.) of your child’s report card.

Our teachers have invested hours in scoring your child’s work, reviewing his/her progress, and reporting performance. Please be sure to take some time to sit down with your child to carefully review his/her report card with him or her. Learning is a journey. Celebrate progress and set a reasonable goal or two for improvement.

Know that we are proud of each of our Roosevelt Ambassadors and we look forward to their continued growth.

Sincerely, Megan Vickery

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