Principally Speaking

//Principally Speaking

Dear Parents,


Thank you to those of you who joined us recently as we updated our annual Parent Participation Plan.  It was a larger turn-out than I’d seen in years, and the different cultural groups of our school were represented, which was delightful!  Together, we came up with a number of ways to be involved at Eleanor Roosevelt.  The new plan is attached and I hope you will take some time to look at the list and consider where you might be able to give a little of your time.


One of the ways to be involved doesn’t take any of your time – however, it does have a small price tag attached.  For $10 you can join our PTA.  The money doesn’t actually even go to our school, it goes to the regional PTA folks to keep things running.  But showing your support for our school this way makes you a part of a body of parents who believe in what we are doing, and you will be informed of events that you may wish to read about or take part in.


One other new idea I’ll mention here, then you can read more on the attached.  The idea of Coffee with the Principal came up, and we are going to start that on November 9 from 8:30 – 9:15.  After you drop your student off please join us for a gathering of parents with interpreters present.  We’ll have a new topic each month.  This month we’ll talk about different ideas for reading at home with your child.  I sincerely hope to see you there!



Karrie Yank

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