Summer Approaching

//Summer Approaching

Roosevelt Families,

We are down to our last few weeks of the school year! As we near the end of June, we go back to the importance of attendance. Please help us continue good habits for the children by making sure your child is on time each day. There are still many learning opportunities and fun to experience.

If your child is attending Roosevelt Elementary on a boundary exception and you plan on continuing this into next year, a new boundary exception needs to be completed. As we begin to create classes for next year, your child will not be included in our count unless we have a signed boundary exception on file. Please stop by our office to make sure all the paperwork is complete.

Our Roosevelt Ambassadors will honor the diversity, cultures and friendships that are a part of our school campus. On Friday June 16, 2017, we will start the day with a school wide parade at 9:00 am. Students may wear costumes and/or carry flags from their native country.

Then, at 1:30 pm, an assembly will celebrate our diversity from over 47 different countries and 26 languages. Please join us in the cafeteria for a program filled with music and dances from Mexico, Russia, Africa, Tahiti, South Korea, India, and the United States. Awards will be given to students for building international friendships and being school ambassadors. We hope to see you there.

Have a wonderful, fun filled and safe summer!

Megan Vickery, Principal

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