Website Revamped

//Website Revamped

Dear Parents,

If it has been a while since you have visited our district website, you should check it out. It has a new look and lots of links to information you might find useful. The address is the same: On this homepage you’ll find news stories about various Vancouver schools as well as calendars and events and everything from bus routes to information about jobs.

When you click on Schools you can scroll down to Roosevelt and will find even more there. There’s a full staff directory with links to every teacher, so it’s an easy way to send an email. There are also links to our lunch menu, new books from the library, and more news stories. One thing I particularly love is that our students can connect to their English language arts curriculum (Wonders) and their math curriculum as well (enVisions). For those kids who like to be challenged it’s a great way to extend learning, and it will give you an idea of what is current in their grade level. There’s also a link to Type to Learn, so students can practice their key-boarding skills. Take a look and see what’s new!

Happy February! ~Mrs. Yank

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