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Home of the Ambassadors

Our school is named after Eleanor Roosevelt, who served as the First Lady of New York and the United States, as well as chairwoman for several United Nations human rights commissions. Her role as a diplomat and activist deems her an ambassador, which is how the students of Roosevelt came to be known as Ambassadors.To be an Ambassador means our students spread goodwill throughout our school and follow our mission statement.

Diversity and enthusiasm!

At Eleanor Roosevelt, we are known for the diversity of our student body and the enthusiasm of our staff.

Eleanor Roosevelt is an exciting place to be—vibrant and full of meaningful traditions and college-bound kids. Our staff is dedicated to helping our students acquire the academic habits and character dispositions for success at the elementary level and beyond.

Eleanor Roosevelt is one of the largest elementary schools in Vancouver Public Schools. Grade level by grade level we are becoming an Advancement Via Individual Determination school. This program teaches students to believe in themselves and trains teachers to build lessons of rigor. Growth mindset all the way!

International Friendship Day takes place every June. It is a day to celebrate many things: the diversity we are proud of in our school, cross-cultural relationships and students who are true ambassadors. Many of our students come to school in their native dress. The day includes a parade and an assembly featuring dances from various cultures, as well as a flag ceremony showcasing all the countries our students represent.

Our history

Roosevelt opened its doors in September 1992 with less than 500 students.

The construction of three new schools (Roosevelt, Chinook and Alki Middle School) marked a new era for the district. All schools were built with technologically advanced features for the time.

The school added two classroom wings in summer 2014.

Other notable history:

Fall 1997 — The U.S. Department of Education selects the Eleanor Roosevelt Bilingual Education Literacy Project as one of six “Best Practice” programs in the western region.

March 1998 — Roosevelt is one of three schools in Washington State to receive the 1998 Title I Distinguished School Award from the U.S. Department of Education and the National Association of State Coordinators of Compensatory Education.

September 2000 — Presidential candidate George W. Bush and Laura Bush tour Roosevelt Elementary School’s computer lab and participate in a panel discussion on education at the Center for Educational Leadership. The visit is covered by CNN through satellite transmissions.

Who are our students?

Eleanor Roosevelt has perhaps the most diverse student population in Vancouver Public Schools. Students from five continents, many different countries and dozens of language groups attend our school. Our ethnic population is truly multicultural.